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Montana Wetlands Legacy

WE REPRESENT a point of contact for anyone involved or interested in protecting Montana's wetlands. As a result, we're committed to bringing people and resources together in pursuit of our common goal.

THE LEGACY PARTNERSHIP in its first five years conserved over 27,000 acres of wetland and riparian areas and more than 800,000 acres of watershed lands through conservation easements, leases, cooperative agreements with landowners, and fee title acquistions. In addition to supporting existing partners’ wetland protection efforts, the Legacy reaches out to new partners and offers tools and resources to everyone interested in protecting high priority wetlands and riparian areas throughout Montana.

IF YOU'RE A LANDOWNER, please consider working with the Legacy to protect, conserve, and enhance valuable wetlands on your property. Help ensure that future Montanans have a clean, healthful living environment.



To learn how you can support the Blackfoot Trumpeter Swan Program, contact the Blackfoot Challenge:

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